Comment: Most of you people are useless to me

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Most of you people are useless to me

Because you don't explain what should happen to these "children" once they skip across our free border.

That's very libertarian of you; allowing them to skip to freedom.

But you fail to address what happens next. Why is that? I suppose, as committed "libertarians", you would say nothing happens next. That means no welfare, no legal aide, no shelter, no food.

But of course, we all know that part two of your "libertarian" stratagem never happens. Instead, big government steps in and provides. And I pay. Not sure about you. Apparently, you have turned on, tuned in, and dropped out (or wetf) and found a way to simply observe and be amused from afar... while I pay.

So you are a purist and a "libertarian". And by your definition, that entails espousing A (open borders), which results in B (me paying), because it is "libertarian" to do so. But suddenly, to me, this "libertarian" stuff doesn’t seem so great.

None of you play chess I suppose, as you constantly look one move ahead. You would truly suck at chess. But perhaps you really do have good intentions, like our friends in Washington. I prefer to think it is just confused thinking, or sound bite thinking.

This isn't just some game you know. Put a little more thought in your policy positions.