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Dave Brat during his campaign also brought up the issue of

excessive high-tech immigration that has resulted in many highly qualified, highly educated Americans not able to find work in their technical field of expertise, but Rand Paul still supports bringing in even more foreign engineers into our distressed job market. When the Department of Energy is filling GS-5 level positions that pay $34 -44,000/year with PhD engineers (mechanical, chemical, and electrical) there is no rational reason to bring more engineers here to work. I'm all for a free market, but imposing free market principles on labor in our highly crony corporatized economy will result in even more Americans unemployed or underemployed and getting government assistance to survive. Rand Paul, as well as our other liberty politicians, should focus on getting rid of the many unFree Trade treaties, corporate welfare programs that encourage companies to move overseas, and excessive regulations that favor corporate America over their smaller competitors before supporting implementing free market principles to the labor market. (Note: Sen. Rand Paul voted to extend the highly corporatized trade agreement with South Korea and Colombia, as he continues saying he supports free markets. He is sounding alot like the many elected corportists/globalists that have screwed up our job market while governing for their large campaign contributors... Sen Rand Paul did make a fund raising trip to Silicon Valley right after announcing his support for increasing high tech immigration.)