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Comment: His father, and Rand, seem to be horrible...

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His father, and Rand, seem to be horrible...

...with the staff below. I have heard from internet folks in the biz that the line-up to staff a future Rand Paul Executive jobs spree is not anything to be excited about and anyone decent is getting shut out by the opportunists.

We aren't talking about stuffing the place with Ron Swansons--which would be the best we could hope for.

The fact is that amongst the humanities, education, and on and on, there just aren't many qualified amongst us who have the credentials, and the skill and long term agenda to run a bureaucracy. Reagan was able to get a few in place who did good most have never heard about, but he also failed specatularly(e.g. Department of Education was suppose to go to a conservative, but it went to the loathsome Bill Bennett).

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