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Rand Hater

Hate is a vile thing and it takes away your humanity. Rand Paul is not his father, but he is his fathers son and this acorn did not fall too far from the tree. He is the most Liberty minded candidate that we will see in 2016 and if you ARE for Liberty then you would support him. I do not think we will see another Ron Paul in the position to run for the nomination for POTUS, but Rand Paul is very close. You call Rand a Nazi, but you do not stop to realize that Ron Paul had the same type of crap thrown at him. If Rand is so bad for Liberty, why then are all the NEOCONS getting an unheard of early start on bashing him the same as they did Ron Paul? You need to stop thinking about yourself and start thinking about what is best for the Liberty Movement. If not Rand, who are you suggesting? You said Santorum, really? How about Jeb? How about Christie? How about Romney again? As for me, I will take a Liberty minded candidate that has the honor of being raised by the best Liberty candidate we have seen in our lifetimes, Ron Paul.