Comment: This is an idiotic 'solution'

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This is an idiotic 'solution'

If you want total destruction of everything around you then have hundreds of millions of idiotic fools decide the rules for 'government'.

Almost no-one understands how real law actually works properly, including almost all lawyers, so why would have these ignorant fools decide the rules for 'government'?

How many people even here on DP are clear on the fact that legislative acts have NO application to the People and lawful government abiding by law does not even have the lawful authority to write or apply law to the People? Most people will think I am nuts but if you understand the law, what a contractually established entity actually is and you understand true EQUALITY means under law then you will understand WHY the Constitution is the law for those within the government capacity and WHY legislative ac ts are strictly applicable to the government capacity.

Can Walmart's (or company X) Board of Directors make company policy that applies to shareholders? NO!!! That is because of the hierarchy of law actually intrinsically functions within real logic. Can Walmart's board of directors make applicable rules for the man on the street NO!!!. These contractually created entities cannot apply rules to anything except to those operating under it's capacity.

This same concept applies to the Constitutional entity when America's organic laws and common law is fully understood and upheld to it's exact non-conflicting application. Almost no one in America knows this, even the highest scholars in the liberty movement fail to understand this, which means having these people decide legislation will be certain death and tyranny of the republic as was achievable with the proper awareness.

Knowing how the proper application of law actually works means that we already have all protections of law accessible to us but those protections can never be accessed if one is ignoring the law. This is exactly why ignorance of the law is not a defense. Real non-conflicting application of law means the only time the 'government' can even lawfully enter your life is either by your consent or by the consent of another who is identified as the liable accuser with allegations of actual injury. A court can never have subject matter jurisdiction in the matters of tyranny they are operating under now but the only reason this is happening is because the people are ignoring the REAL LAW. Real law has inviolate natural protections accessible but no-one knows and applies this so EVERYTHING is screwed up not because of corrupt politicians but because of intellectually lazy people who ignore the protections of law.

It is these ignorant, intellectually bankrupted individuals you suggest to vote on legislation, who clearly do not know the lawful bounds of applicability of legislation.

This is a completely insane idea and appears to be born of not understanding how law actually works. We have no issues of a lawless society if we simply uphold the law exact precisions but everybody chooses easy opinions instead of following the truth wherever the truth may lead. Legislation can never lawfully apply to the people and the statutes, when reviewed carefully do not even claim to.

How much better can a people have it than a government that has no power over the people because everyone is free and equal? If we don't uphold this truth then we are consenting to being slaves to criminals.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...