Comment: I don't think many on here are

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I don't think many on here are

"ANTI-Israel" persay, I think they (myself included) are simply "anti-what Israel does sometimes"...I hate the word "ANTI" by the way. It is a common word used by the propagandists...I guess you could say I am "Anti-China" circa 1960's because I disagreed with what Mao Zedong did to his people, or any other conflict in history where it was obviously one-sided and with an obvious aggressor.

I think the fact that the Israeli lobby is so utterly powerful and entrenched in American politics and that there is OBVIOUS one-sided propaganda and the fact that there is good evidence that they control most of the worlds central banks and U.S media (ultimate power) will automatically make people skeptical and/or weary of Israel's Government. There's all of that WITHOUT even touching on any of the conflicts...

Me, personally? I always cheer for the little guy and Palestine is the epitome of that in this situation. There is blame on both sides, neither side is innocent and I am not religious at all, so the whole "Israel, gods chosen people- biblical land etc etc" thing has no sway on me whatsoever. But what i do see is a whole civilization of people "basically put in a giant concentration camp". Those were Ron Paul's words, i just borrowed them because I agree. And whatever, tit-for-tat crap has been going on for however long...that is simply wrong. No matter what race of human beings it may be.

Last but not least. The Neocon A.M talk-radio propagandists salivate at the chance to rub Israel's bosom, whist never missing the oppurtunity to bash and dehumanize the Palestinians and it ticks me off. There is human suffering on both sides, its just waaaay more disproportionate.

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