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As a believer myself, I

As a believer myself, I differ from you in that I am an anarchist.

You are right to state that there will always be good and evil in the world, which I agree with, however I disagree that a somehow virtuous libertarian government is going to work out.

Didn't the U.S. start out as a virtuous libertarian government, and are we still one?

People are bad therefore we need a government of people. Do you understand the silliness of this circular reasoning?

I think you like the idea of liberty on one level, and it scares the crap out of you on another level. Give me liberty, but not too much.

If competing factions is a bad thing, then you must support the stability a one world government would bring? My bible warns about that one.

If a one world government is what satan rules over, why would you not want to get as far away from centralized control as possible?