Comment: Yes, but can he lead?

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Yes, but can he lead?

IMHO yes, by first connecting with the electorate and then his fellow pols in DC. The first Rand seems to be accomplishing via his controversial stands as gleaned from the perspective of the man on the street vs. Goldman Sachs/corporate America. Example, no drone strikes on Americans, no to arming Syrian rebels killing Christians, no to sentencing of drug users which especially hurt minorities, no to NSA surveillance. I think this is a strategy that is aimed at building trust and credibility at a time when it is vastly lacking in DC’s corporate oligarchy. The skills honed from the financial discipline and professional requirements as a medical doctor help to fulfill the managerial requirement. Time will tell as far as how successful Rand is in gathering a wide swath of support if he becomes
POTUS. I think he is an excellent communicator, tough but determined and knows how to set and convey goals. If he can maintain honesty and integrity and remain above board in his dealings with people, hopefully he would command enough respect to bridge gaps which a leader must do to attain realistic goals we have not been able to cross. I’ve had a few disappointments; he’s not perfect, but so far IMHO he has demonstrated all the basic qualities needed to be a leader.