Comment: The Jews WERE given their own country

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The Jews WERE given their own country

The Jewish people have violated the terms to which they, themselves agreed when Israel was turned into a state. They have taken land that they agreed would be the Palestinian land. See this site for maps of territories that Osrael has taken contrary to their own agreements

And regarding the nation's creation in general, Israel was created by the UN by taking land that had been dominated by Arabs and even Christians for literally centuries and giving it to Tthe Jews. It's like if the UN came to America, split the country in 2, and created a new country to give to the Cherokee and Iroquois tribes. And then, the Indian tribes started building where they agreed they wouldn't, and started attacking Americans.

Orthodox Jews are especially against a Jewish state because they believe they are still in exile and are supposed to wait for their messiah, and that God will deliver them.

For a clear and easy history written by anti-Zionist Jews, visit

Hope that answers your question.