Comment: Because Israelis -- not Arabs -- "did" 9/11

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Because Israelis -- not Arabs -- "did" 9/11

Connect the dots:
1. Just a few days after the 9/11 attack, Justin Raimondo published the story of "The Dancing Israelis" -- a Mossad team set up in advance to film the attack on the twin towers. They were driving a van which tested positive for traces of explosives. They were captured and questioned, and flunked a polygraph test, but they were soon released (by Judge Michael Chertoff, whom you may recall as the guy who got Rapiscan the contract to produce nude scanners for the TSA -- his reward for helping out?) After returning to Israel, the Mossad guys claimed to be a "surveillance team," which rather begs the question of how they knew when to "surveil" the attack. Better guess: they were part of the demolition team who wanted to take souvenir pictures: they photographed each other holding up a cigarette lighter in front of the burning buildings.
2. The three towers were all brought down by controlled demolition, and the towers' new owner Larry Silverstein was even heard to give the order to "pull it" just prior to the collapse of Building 7. Someone obviously set those charges well in advance. Who COULD have done it? The Arab hijackers? To ask is to laugh. Some branch of the US government? Could a large group of Americans be trusted to set the charges and not blow the whistle on the mass-murder of their countrymen? Nope. You couldn't even hire mafiosi to do something like that. But Silverstein has strong ties to Israel (personal friend of Netanyahu, no less), and the Mossad has all the expertise that would be needed -- and all the motivation in the world never to disclose what was done. I have personally worked in the security department of a high-rise office building, and I know for a certainty that no one but the building owner could have arranged for work crews to do as much work on the building as was required to set the demolition charges. He didn't do it for the Arabs. And he couldn't trust the US Government not to screw it up. That leaves -- who?
3. The stock-trades, shorting the shares of airline companies affected by the attack -- the investigation of these trades was shut down and the records were destroyed. Why would the records be destroyed? Who has the political influence to make that happen? Well, the story got out anyway.
4. The story of Daniel Lewin, aboard Flight 11 on 9/11. Lewin was a captain in Sayaret Maktel, an elite Israeli military-intelligence unit connected to counter-terrorism operations. By 'coincidence', Lewin sat near all of the hijackers and spoke fluent Arabic. Stewardess Betty Ong, according to early reports, made an emergency phone call identifying Lewin (by his seat number) as one of the hijackers. Later stories claimed that Lewin had been shot by the hijackers -- and still later stories claimed he had been stabbed by them (can't have guns in the official story). It's pretty obvious that a cover-up was underway later -- but the mere fact of Lewin's presence aboard that flight goes far beyond coincidence.

I've heard many other details that confirm Israeli involvement, but those four were enough to convince me.

Israel obviously did 9/11 as a false flag attack to make the entire American public their partisans against Evil Muslims. And it worked pretty well, with our Zionist-owned media and neocon government handling the propaganda for them.

Leaving aside question of the Israeli genocide against the Palestinians, I tend to think of their government, and their Mossad in particular as a criminal gang in need of extermination.

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