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I am against any religious state, weather it be Jewish, Islamic, Christian or whatever. That alone should be reason enough for anyone on the DP to never support such a state.

Also, I see the entire conflict in Palestine as a predictable result of Zionism. The Jews lived in the area, 2000 years ago. To quote Ron Paul on the issue, "How long does an ancient claim to land last?" The facts of this case show that the Zionist regime was created by uprooting indigenous people and shipping them to the refugee camp known as Gaza, where they still reside, nearly 70 years later.

Further, The Zionist regime is not defending itself within reason at all. The rockets are simple. They might hurt or kill someONE. They might cause visual damage to a building. Israel responds by dropping missiles on a civilian area that has 1.5 Million people crammed and trapped in an area smaller than the size of Denver.

Lastly, for this comment at least, the checkpoints and occupation are a gross violation of human rights. It's reasonable to predict humans retaliating against those that treat them this way. Palestinians are second class citizens. Their houses are razed with only minutes notices. Journalists documenting Gaza have been shot and killed by the IDF while holding a white flag and dressed in UN clothing. White Phosphorus was dropped in civilian areas by Israel on Gaza.

Israel is the predictable result of full integration of church and state. A concept that is disgraceful to any American value, and outright hostile for many libertarians.

PS. In the early 20th century, the Jews and Christains and Muslims lived in peace together. It wasn't until the Zionist regime declared the land and state for Jews only that conflict understandably arose.

"Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito."