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Oh, ok...

And I agree with Ron that we need to mind our own business, & not give out foreign aid to any nation at all. And that has nothing to do with my view of how Israel should handle it's own business.

Of course Israel played one side against the other, when it was advantageous to do so. That was decades ago. Today Hamas is indistinguishable from Palestinian Authority, and the name 'Hamas' is just a label, it's meaningless.

So, technically, yes, elements within Israeli government (Mossad) promoted Hamas over Arafat a few decades ago, and created a monster like Batman created the Joker. Maybe the New World Order factions in Israel were behind this the whole time..? For the normal citizens and soldiers in Israel, it is irrelevant as the rockets keep reigning down.

A better strategy for the Palestinian Muslims would be to make peace, join with Israel, and slowly try to get their way through democracy.

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