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To actually answer your question

Before I was 14, I was knee-jerk pro-Israel because it seemed like they were on the receiving end of a lot of crap and were just trying to get along.

Then, I was assigned to be Palestine at a model UN thing for high school, and I read about the history of Israel.

I read that Israel was not an ancient country populated continuously by Jews, endlessly antagonized by surrounding countries, but rather a very recent creation of England, the United States, and the Eastern European Jews that settled there between 1900 and 1947 or so. Israel, it turned out, was basically brand new, and put there by Europeans. The Israelis were not local boys, but generally Polish and Russian Jews that had fled Fascism in Germany and Communism in Russia.

Until the 1930's, the back-to-Palestine movement (it was called British Palestine back then), or Zionism, had been decently peaceful, but eventually the local Arabs and the settling Jews got rowdy, and the British backed the white Jews rather than the brown Arabs. The indigenous people (Palestinians) got forced out, where they and their offspring remain today as refugees in surrounding countries and in places like Gaza and the West Bank.

Strangely, the Palestinians have been painted as the "bad guy" in all of this, possibly because their weapons and tactics are less sophisticated. I guess its okay to kill people with reckless abandon as long as you are using high-tech equipment to do it.

The press has been extremely willing to portray Israel as the ancestral home of all Jews, and the fashion of Polish Jews changing their names to Hebrew names (Benjamin Netanyahu's dad was named Benzion Mileikowsky) has been helpful in making their claim to the land appear ancient. However, Israel only became a country in its present form after WWII.

The Palestinians have been fighting to regain their ancestral homes taken by force within living memory. However, the West has been extremely willing to fund Israel's military, give them nuclear weapons. Furthermore, the West internationally recognizes Israel's claim to Palestine while internationally condemning efforts by the Palestinians to reclaim their homeland.

Support for Palestine on the Daily Paul grows out of a sense of justice for those victimized by "the powers that be".

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