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It is 'Fortress Luxembourg' or 'Fort Lux', for short. This is why we never mention them, they are the epitomy of isolationist. Among other things:

They refuse to let their women, or their men for that matter, marry outside of the country. When have you ever heard any dude say 'I met this hot chick from Luxembourg?' Not ever.

They trade with no one. No one says 'all the best tech gear comes from Luxumbourg'. And NO, they don't export their cheese. That's Belgium, just up the road.

They field neither Olympic, World Cup nor X Games teams. When have you ever heard of a Luxembourgian (is that a word even?) win ANY medal?

They have no seat at the UN, having rented to the French long ago. Check and you'll see I'm right, and if I'm wrong, the evidence has been doctored.