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I’m not a fitness guru…

So I was going to leave this one to the experts, but I think I’ll chime in.

If you’re just getting into being more active and are doing this to lose weight, I think it is important to have fun and switch it up and try new things and different things. Aim for some cardio each week, strength/weight training each week, core workouts each week. Just try to get a little of everything in there if ya can.

Have fun though. Use your location to your advantage if possible. What do I mean? A few summers ago I was living on the coast in Florida and I went kayaking once or twice a week for quite a few hours, it was a workout and it was fun. Whenever I visit my sister in Denver we go on a few hikes. Again; a work out and fun.

Below someone posted about yoga. I personally never really got into yoga, but by no means does that mean you shouldn’t try it. There are some intense yoga programs (looks like the one below will definitely give you a work out) that you might enjoy.

A couple summers ago a crafty friend and I began making hula hoops and we would spend a couple hours a day a couple times a week just hooping and trying out various sizes of hoops and whatnot; that was a major ab workout and again it was fun.

Roller skating, bicycling, skateboarding, are all ways to have fun working out. This might not be up your alley, but a friend and I take beginner dance classes at a community center every now and then if we see one that looks interesting. They are usually 6-8 weeks and go 2 or 3 times a week for an hour or so. We have done that with Zumba, Swing, and this weird one we thought would be easy enough, but kicked our asses called ‘hip hop abs.’

Once a week I pick up the girl I babysit for and take her to the park and just run around like crazy with her, and even when it is snowing we go sledding which requires walking up inclines in snow and layers of clothing.

More intense lawn work can also become a work out. Last week I spent 4 6 hour days doing branch removal on some property. I was up and down ladders, I was sawing, I was pulling branches, hauling them across the lawn into the back hoe. Raking leaves in the fall, mowing lawns in the spring and summer, shoveling driveways and walk ways in the winter. It is all physical activity and depending on where you live it all needs to be done anyways.

Maybe make a goal also. Find a marathon in your area coming up in a few months and commit to it and start training for it. Then you will have a time frame that makes you have to keep working.

Also remember eating healthy and working out go hand in hand. The more you work out and are physically active, the more you will be conscious over your eating habits because it is hard to work out after a McDonalds value meal. The healthier you eat, the more energy you will have for working out.

But I do think a major key is not to look at it as working out per se, just finding ways to have fun and be physically active at the same time.

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