Comment: You know what, America is

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You know what, America is

You know what, America is deeply screwed up. Not because of crime, that happens everywhere, it's America's criminals... they're all sociopaths. The guy gets caught, beat up, and what does he do? Brags about it not being his first time. Why? Why would he do this?

I witnessed something similar happen in the Philippines a few years back. The guy didn't brag, he prayed and asked for forgiveness. He also tried to explain his sister was sick.

But in America, home of Hollywood, criminals brag, laugh, and act tough. They think it's some sort of badge of honor to try something like this... and try it in their own neighborhood!

This FAT guy wasn't stealing for survival, he was doing it for recognition in his neighborhood.

That is some sick, psychopathic behavior.

The sad thing is, his "neighbor" will probably have to watch his back or move, because this guy will retaliate after he turns more sociopathic in jail.