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Offhand I can't tell where "I posted it to the web site link at the bottom of the page" is referencing, or which "old posts" specifically are missing (as in by URL).

I can say your old posts are as accessible as everyone else's a number of ways:

Via the Archive, where every day is linked:

Or the posts tab on your account (which include body summaries):

Or lastly, via the old, gray (all) link next to Recent Posts on your account profile:

...And it looks like that is the one, since it ends in 2012 for you, with no further options to paginate (aha, as you mention here). Ok. Checking the stuff that makes that page, I see it is paginated, as can be seen on my page of it:

The difference? My account says I have:

Nodes : Comments
132 : 6442

Yours says:

Nodes : Comments
44 : 906

The /myposts/#### display paginates if you have 50+ nodes, which I do (132) and you do not (44). Your first post with that account is here:

Now, you have comments going back to March of 2012, we do differentiate between posts and comments:

Might you be recalling those?

In the event you still think you have older posts, first try recalling if you have an older DP account with that content but switched to using this account at some point. If not, try finding the old content with the links provided. From my perspective, you don't have a post older than this.

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