Comment: So young ones, there is this way we do it. This is how you do it

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So young ones, there is this way we do it. This is how you do it

if you gots no money and you wonder how can i do that?

Trust baby but it starts for almost all of us with a profound realization, an epiphany that says to us MAN ALL THIS CRAP IS BULLSHIZZ AND I DON'T NEED ANY OF IT, ALL I GOTTA DO IS MAKE THE NEXT BABY STEP.

And that baby step is off your planet. And we surround ourselves, natch, this is one of the GREAT POWERS, we surround ourselves with a bubble of love and good intention.

And we cast ourselves into the jaws of death in which we find freedom and liberty and life.

BROTHER MICHAEL IS SO HONEST WITH YOU to admit that we don't always find what we seek in these mystical journeys but we come back as different people, the same as when we began but enriched in ways that are never, ever apparent to us at the time.

The meaning gets played out in the span of the years of our lives and such did this entity called Michael Nystom come out of his period of confusion to found direction and purpose for so many of us.

WHEN WE FEEL IT WE TRUST TO THE WIND AND WE DON'T KNOW WHETHER WE WILL LIVE OR DIE....not for sure. Some part of us knows the universe is on our side and we just count on it to flow. When you are hungry someone will just bounce up and feed you. When you need a ride a bicycle will practically peddle itself up to you and say howdy, did somebody need me?

So that is one of the secrets. And it's not one that the people with money ever know, it's something that WE KNOW AS PEOPLE.

The only thing I can add to this is those that correctly understand this Earth as our mother, BY DEFINITION WE CAN NEVER BE HOMELESS. And as long as we accept our fellows on this planet, WE ARE NEVER WITHOUT FAMILY.

And if you accept the spirit of this Earth (by our definition holy) YOU CAN NEVER BE ALONE. Unless you wanna be an in that case all you have to do....

is switch it off.

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