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Hmm, so we are to prefer

the "cleaner" Western technological torture by massive bombing firepower and chemicals -- far more civilized than old-style "hands-on" torture and murder? I really cannot appreciate the smug assertions of superiority in your cultural chauvinism.

Really ryan, if modern Western populations and Jews are so enlightened, why do nearly all of them support murderers, tyrants, ignorant leaders?
I'm not ignoring the fact that less educated people in the mid-east, Africa,and elsewhere have not been exposed to Enlightenment ideas. Are they more to be condemned than many Westerners who have been better educated and STILL choose evil, abysmally ignorant, barbaric leaders? Then by asserting that the West is best, how do China and Japan fit into the equation? The Japanese seem to have learned the lessons of war far better, for instance, than the Israelis.