Comment: They should apologize and recognize Palestine.

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They should apologize and recognize Palestine.

They should issue an official state apology for bombing their neighbor - Palestine, in retaliation for 3 deaths they offered no evidence on.

They should NOT bomb people over three deaths.

Are we bombing Mexico if three people are killed on our side of the border?

How about Canada? If a Canadian citizen, or even a group of them kills three Americans, do we bomb Canada in response? I mean, WHAT should we DO about that?

What should Mexico or Canada DO about the U.S. bombing them over such an issue?

Your question isn't just a bad quesiton, it is absurd.

Israel is a created state, assuming territory where people were already living, and which refuses to recognize the right of those people to their own government, or even their own territory.

Israel continuously demolishes the HOMES of people who "live in the way" of Israeli territorial plans.

If a neighboring city bulldozed YOUR home because it wanted to annex your land so it could locate it's own residents there, WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

You'll find the answer to your absurd quesiton by asking a question that is higher up the food chain, so to speak, and then you'll realize why you no longer need to even ask your question, becuase by answering the more basic questions, the other problems go away.