Comment: I am not so much anti-Israel as I am...

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I am not so much anti-Israel as I am...

why take sides against the Palestinians? America is in a weird position here for several reasons.

Before 1492, only Native Americans lived in the western hemisphere. We're immigrants here! Our colonization here was greatly aided by nine out of ten natives dying from exposure to western diseases. After that, genocide of the native populations was easy. The ignoring of more than 400 treaties and settlements with natives was hardly even significant then. My point is that our colonization and occupation of America was far easier than Israel's. Our native population just died. The Palestinians didn't.

During WWII, American only accepted some 200,000 refugees from Europe. We could have accepted far more. Consider, for a moment, how enriched this country would have been had we been more generous then in the Jewish Nation's greatest hour of need. See ( The New York Times covered the entire holocaust,... in two inch stories buried deep within it's pages. Anyone who bothered to search for such stories would have been informed about the murderous horror being perpetrated across the European continent. My point is we could have helped more then. We didn't. So in response, the Jewish survivors sought their own sovereign homeland where they could stand upon this globe without fear of another holocaust where their people were being hunted to extinction yet again.

Try to imagine what America would be like today if half of the modern population were Native Americans still intent on getting their own sovereign country back from us foreign invaders ( Are Jewish deaths to be acknowledged only? (

My principle point is that Israel is trying to reassert a two thousand year claim in response to a holocaust that the rest of the world knew of while it was happening and deliberately chose to do nothing about which we could have done, at the time, very easily, by letting more Jewish refugees in. Now there is modern Israel, where a minority of Jews and Palestinians are willing to live in peace, but a majority regard the other as rabid, unclean, dogs, that they want OUT of THEIR country.

I want the Israel Jews to prosper in peace.
I want the Palestinian Arabs to prosper in peace.

But it is NOT our decision. It's theirs.

Ron Paul wanted to assert a policy of disengagement with the Israel/Palestinian conflict,.... and was repeatedly rebuked by his fellow Republicans for it, who repeatedly stated, "I like Ron Paul,... except for his foreign policy stance on Israel." In my opinion, Rand Paul is trying to find another way to advance his father's policy while maintaining credibility with the Republican base. Our middle eastern policies are all a mess which advance no ones causes. We are NOT helping the Israelis, Palestinians, Iraqis, Iranians, Syrians, Pakistanis, Afghans, Indians,....

Let us do something useful to everyone...

You might also care to check out and ask yourself why American should be expected to sacrifice ALL of our interests, in the Middle East, to supporting Israel. Consider, as Ron Paul pointed out, in his Presidential Campaigns, that for every dollar of foreign aid we give Israel, we give seven dollars to her adversaries?!?! Other than the American War industries, upon whom most of this money is spent upon, who does this foreign aid help? Again, "Foreign aid might be defined as a transfer from poor people in rich countries to rich people in poor countries." ~ Doug Casey

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