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I keep seeing you try to make

I keep seeing you try to make a pro-Israeli case there. The best that you are going to get on this website is that Israel is a sovereign state, but it is an Apartheid state by the same token. The Israeli Arabs are by default typically referred to as Palestinians - you are confusing nationality with citizenship. There is a keen difference between the religious aspects of Judaism and the political movement of Zionism, which is born out of 'ends justify the means'. So yes, a few of us on here recognize the modern sovereignty of the Jewish state but abhor the Israeli domestic policy towards the Palestinian people who have a legitimate claim to the land. Furthermore, most of the Palestinian people are strong armed by the Hamas movement whether they agree with such policies of Hamas or not. Hamas fires frivolous rockets into Jewish population zones, yes, but have you seen the civilian death tolls undertaken by the IDF and the retaliatory violence perpetrated against the Palestinian people who did not condone the violence? The scale is largely disproportionate. The Israelis also reserve the right, and do so, to cut the utilities off within the Palestinian territories. Most Israeli Jews that I've spoken with as work colleagues also agree that Palestinians are treated as second class citizens. So one could liken your defense of Israel in her current state as support for a Confederated States of America that supports racial segregation ... if we want to go there.