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I haven't made a political

I haven't made a political comment here for quite a while, I took a long break and am still on break from the movement. With that said, I feel the need to make this statement. As someone pointed out, many of you here are not Rand's audience, He is trying to appeal to a much broader audience and he is doing very well in that approach.

You may not want to hear this but he has gained more positive attention than his father ever has with the media and the people that didn't support his father. He is trying a different approach and it is working, he is polling better than Ron ever has with the brain dead sheep of america, do many of you not see this? Do you really think that Ron and Rand don't talk? Did you ever think that maybe this was their plan all along?

Rand is making headway and appealing to the american zombie that believes everything the media tells them. Yes you are not Rand's audience, and the comment about you're right and i'm wrong ego trip is 100% spot on. You don't convince people to listen to you when you come at them in a combative manner. If you want to educate you need to be patient and explain things, not belittle people, don't say you are not guilty of this, I am also guilty of it and it is a failed strategy, this is exactly why Ron polled so little in the last 2 elections and Rand is polling so much better, my god guys he is leading the entire pack of hand picked candidates, does that not tell you something?

It tells me Rand is smart and doing it right. There are entirely too many know it all's on this site and it turns people off. Be patient with people, don't yell at them or belittle them and I assure you that you will gain much more headway, how do I know? I changed my ways and it works, I am reaching many more people now with a non combative approach then I ever did being angry at them for not getting it in the first sentence, than I ever did in the last 2 elections.

We agree with each other 98% of the time on most issues but we spend 98% of the time bitching complaining and arguing about the 2% we disagree on, this is why nothing gets done. forget about the 2%, let's focus on the 98%, get the job done and worry about the 2% later.