Comment: So do you think Dr Paul was ignorant of Thiel's pedigree?

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So do you think Dr Paul was ignorant of Thiel's pedigree?

There's nothing wrong with reminding people about what Thiel is. We have suspected he is managing controlled opposition for some time, and people need to be aware and reminded.

However the tone of the article is adversarial to libertarians in general and uses the word zionist*, so she's defeating her purpose because she's going to put off a lot of people who need to know the most.

She makes floating free cities sound like a bad thing. Pretty sure most of us would consider living in one if we could. And I'm pretty sure most of us would just respect someone who wanted to become a cyborg as just their life choice people should be free to make.

Regardless I have to suspect RP knew about Thiel but took the money anyway. Maybe he miscalculated and maybe it let them sabotage him. Maybe he didn't know, in which case an article like this might have been helpful, but he probably would have never read it past the first bit, due to it's hostility to libertarians.

Honestly though it has useful information this just seems like anti-libertarian propaganda conflating the movement with one person who isn't actually a libertarian. He's about as libertarian as Reagan was, ie talked the talk but didn't remotely walk the walk.

(*not taking a position re the complicated mess that is Israel's creation or role in world affairs, but it's a fact when you use the word 'zionist' you are ending rational discussion one way or another. My suggestion is to simply discuss facts if you really think this is the prime locus of evil in the world)