Comment: I don't see how it could get worse

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I don't see how it could get worse

Right now we're getting screwed by the IRS in a fassion I suspect they don't even understand themselves. Compound this with the near limitless amount of tax dollars they can fund themselves with and we're really not any worse off no matter how you decide to rob us. They're already taking our money under threat of imprisonment and/or death.

The question has always been how do we wake people up. The answer is in the same manner in which you would sober up a crack addict; a bit at a time. Most people can't handle thinking that runs 100% counter to how they were raised. Taxes are as inevitable as death; right? So, you simply ween them off of taxes until their children are taught that income taxes really aren't needed. If the income tax had started out at what it is today then people would have rioted in the streets back then. However, they weened them into taxes. Now, we simply have to reverse course.