Comment: it doesn't matter who has the most precious metals.

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it doesn't matter who has the most precious metals.

what really matters is that they can't be created by man.

using the real, actual, physical gold\silver\copper coin as currency instead of something that is a fraction of what it is supposed to be.

even if the families, it doesn't matter who or how many, horded these metals causing the value of the metals to rise, then released more to allow the value to fall... it does not matter. because it's REAL and it's not an unknown fraction of something real nor is it some piece of paper that can be duplicated to infinity and beyond.

... nobody should use "notes" as currency anyway. ever. i don't want to be paid with debt...

the real problem is, "these families" control the presses, they control the "currency", completely. they control the banks who use fraction reserve banking methods; which that practice creates more fake money and a system based on lies which is doomed to fail when people realize the truth.

* Take away their "power to control a nations currency". THAT is what needs to happen before ANYTHING else. *

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