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The way we

are supposed to view this as a Libertarian, it's about 'free markets' and as long as Mr. Thiel hasn't been exposed as causing harm to Americans, then it's his business what he does. We don't know if he is on our side, and trying to steer Bilderberg from destroying America, the best he can, without being run out? If he was a neocon and/or believer in corporatism, I doubt Dr Paul would have welcomed his support. I became suspect of Susan Possel a few years ago, and stopped reading her blog. She seems to try to create divisions in the Liberty movement, instead of looking at the accomplishments created by Dr Paul and his strive to restore America to a Constitutional government. There would be no Tea Party if it were not for Dr Paul, and even though it's not the one created by us, it still has put a large burden on their agenda by waking people up.