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Your own words from another post:

I was overseas a couple weeks ago and noticed that the U.S. mainland is becoming a miserable place. Looks very socialized and corrupt looking and a lot less free in certain ways. I hope I am not the only one imaging this, but I was in the Caribbean, and even though standard of living is low in some places, it's not depressing like the U.S. is, and people are better educated.

So Iran and Iraq aren't my only options? America isn't so perfect? You don't say. I know for a fact Malaysia and Singapore are great places to live. Tropical climate (like the Caribbean), great food, friendly people, and yeah, they're Muslim countries. I most certainly would not be begging to come back to this "miserable", "corrupt", and "depressing" country, as you call it.

You really outed yourself with this Israel post, ryno.troll. :) Thanks for being so clumsy.