Comment: Where they will be indoctrinated into the Marxist ideology

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Where they will be indoctrinated into the Marxist ideology

given proper gang training and sent out into America as force multipliers.

See, once Obama's eyes were opened to what the special forces community does - he figured he would use the same principle of force multipliers against us.

Hmm - hold on - now that I think of it - Obama is too stupid to think of that. But wait - what about an old college buddy(yes - De Blasio was at Columbia the same time as BO) who may just have had some up front experience with this sort of stuff - no not as a spec ops warrior - as a communist organizer in Nicaragua. Cue up De Blasio.
Yes, the current mayor of NYC, was a communist organizer in the late 80's down in Nicaragua -working with the Sandinistas. Yes - those sandinistas - the ones the Contras were fighting- yes the Contra's in the Iran Contra deal(and the ones who Nintendo names a bad ass game after).

I am sure De Blasio saw first hand what a handful of well trained people can do and how they become force multipliers in these little rebellions(after all - I am quite sure the CIA had spec ops guys in Nicaragua working in this capacity).

Where again are the immigrants from. Where again did De Blasio work as a communist organizer. Where again did De Blasio go to graduate school. Where again did Obama go to graduate school.

That's way too many coincidences for me personally.