Comment: The debate on the labor pool is a side show distraction

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The debate on the labor pool is a side show distraction

The debate on the welfare state is a distraction.

There is too much labor in this country already and the welfare state is broke so forget even having those silly arguments.

People - you are being invaded. Plain and simple.

Where are poor people getting the money to pay the Mexican cartels for passage?
Why are these people being allowed to enter the interior without so much as basic health screening? Background check? Fingerprinted? Id'd?
Why are they being kept in compounds on military bases with zero press access?
Why are they then being moved in groups to random places around the country?

They are importing an army plain and simple.

Remember people - we only had 185000 troop in Iraq - and we held the entire country.

They are bringing in hundreds of thousands, many who are already allied with the tens of thousands of gang members in this country.

That is a formidable force people.

Now back to your question of border security.
Dont need a fence, dont need a wall, we can just put some of our vast military on the border.

How's this. We declare a no fly zone, then patrol that no fly zone with fighter jets - very low - like right off the deck low. We then make an example of one or two cartel gatherings on the other side of the border using missiles form the jets.

That will slow them down tremendously. There are very few things on a battlefield more intimidating than fighter jets flying overhead at very low altitude firing off missiles.

But we dont have the balls to do it.