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Were the hijackers Saudis?

Who says so, and what proof did they provide? You figure Israeli intelligence sources would have any trouble forging Middle Eastern passports or doing a little identity-theft on Arabs who have passed through Israeli customs at one time or another?

Other things to think about:

1. Seven of the alleged hijackers are still alive. Which makes perfect sense if stolen identities were used -- and no sense at all, if they weren't.

2. Some of these supposed devout Muslim fundamentalist hijackers drank alcohol, snorted cocaine and lived with strippers. Devout Muslims, clearly not. Sounds more like wild-and-crazy Israelis to me. Full story.

3. The gate surveillance tapes from the airports involved on 9/11 somehow vanished. Someone didn't want us to find out who actually boarded those planes. Why? Would real Arab hijackers, who wanted their deed to be known, arrange for such a thing? And could they even make it happen? No and no. On the other hand, covert Israelis would NOT want to be identified -- and Airport security at ALL the airports was handled by ICTS -- an Israeli-owned company -- which had the means, motive and opportunity to "disappear" the tapes.

The Israel-did-it theory has been around for many years; amazing that you haven't heard it before.

If you'd like a REAL LOL at a wacky conspiracy theory, NOTHING beats the official story.

Spirit of 76, I'm curious: My first post provided links and plausible explanations to clear and undisputed facts. Can you refute even one thing I said? "LOL" is not an adequate or intelligent answer.

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