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Comment: Your Questions About Israel Have Been Answered Many Times Before

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Your Questions About Israel Have Been Answered Many Times Before

Question 1: "Why are Jews not allowed to have their own country in the Middle East, where they are historically from?"

The population of Israel is made up of 75% Jewish heritage, 20.7% Arab and 4.3% other ethnicities (see: ). In addition, the State of Israel has not been recognized by 32 member states of the United Nations since it declared itself a sovereign state in 1948 (see: ).

The idea that Jewish persons alone should have their own country would require the forceful expulsion of 25% of Israel's current demographic. Unless you are a supporter of ethnic cleansing that is not going to happen.

Question 2: "Why do people on here defend crazy suicide bombers who kill innocent men, women, and children?"

I cannot speak for my fellow DP patriots and certainly not for our host, Mr. Nystrom. I will say that killing other people who are citizens of another sovereign state by disproportionate means of military force to:

1. Silence their voices,
2. Deny an occupied people the right to work their own land,
4. Blatantly steal with impunity their real property and water rights,
5. Commit wanton acts of ethnic genocide for whimsical reasons,
6. Redact history to distort the truth about an indigenous people,

is an abhorrence to basic freedoms and must not be tolerated by any decent human being.

Whether Operation Cast Lead or Operation Protective Edge, the Israeli government is a living, breathing evil machination and the world must condemn its acts of perpetual violence against a people who can barely defend themselves.