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Comment: "where you have conspricacies, you have the Jew hate"

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"where you have conspricacies, you have the Jew hate"

1. You misspelled Conspiracies.
2. Conspiracies are real.
3. There are great Jewish people.
4. Some Jewish people are evil.
5. Jewish-Israelis in the US on 9/11 had foreknowledge and filmed the "surprise" 9/11 attack from its start, lied about it, failed polygraphs, were released quietly back to Israel after FBI-HQ told FBI-NK field office that evidence wasn't evidence. Those Jewish-Israelis, Mossad, didn't bother to warn any non-Jewish New Yorkers.

This is from the still highly-redacted/classified FBI file released in 2010 by FOIA:

Classified till at least 2035.