Comment: Too much labor?

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Too much labor?

That's just another way of saying the economy is crap.

Where are poor people getting the money to pay the Mexican cartels for passage?

Perhaps, they save up until they can afford to make the journey hoping for a good return on investment.

Why are these people being allowed to enter the interior without so much as basic health screening? Background check? Fingerprinted? Id'd?

The word "illegally" implies that they're intentionally trying to avoid contact with "authorities."

Why are they being kept in compounds on military bases with zero press access?

I don't watch the propaganda machine. So, perhaps you could provide a credible source for that information.

Why are they then being moved in groups to random places around the country?

Who knows. But, the State is pretty effective at wasting money.

They are importing an army plain and simple.

This is a long leap to take. I don't buy it. Have any sources?

... we can just put some of our vast military on the border.

So, you do want to militarize the border. Where will those people sleep? What will they drive? Who will pay their paychecks? What affect will their presence have on local populations? Do you suppose there will be militarized checkpoints on top of the border patrol checkpoints already present?

We then make an example of one or two cartel gatherings on the other side of the border using missiles form the jets.

So, you support airstrikes along the US-Mexico border? How about we turn the US-Canada border into a war zone too? Maybe we could lobby the murdering thieves to establish a Korean style DMZ along the border as well.

As for drug cartels, end drug prohibition. Easy.

You're full of it, and you know you're full of it.