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I can't really speak for others but....

Folks must realize that the people calling themselves "Jews" or "Israel" today have absolutely nothing to do with the real Israelites of the Bible (who we white Saxon Christians are). Today's so called "Jews" are the physical descendants of the cursed Edomites, the Cainites (Kenites), and the Asiatic Khazars. Their own encyclopedias admit this fact , and more importantly God's Word declares it!

These non-Israelite people have used the name "Jews" to rob the Palestinian land area from the Arabs in 1948 thus setting up the United Nations 'Israelie' state; rob America of Its lawful money in 1913 by their Federal Reserve Bank; invent Communism in Russia in 1917; and then brainwash the sleeping church Christians by claiming to be "God's chosen people". Recorded history clearly reveals that these Edomite "Jews" are not the ones being persecuted but are actually the persecutors of Christians who learn the truth, just as they put Jesus on the cross.

Ask the silly Judeao-preachers if "greatly despised" sounds anything at all like "God's chosen" because that is what God said in the Bible about the cursed despised Edomites who are making the entire world suffer due to their ungodly money control of all nations. Read Obadiah 1:1,2 for "greatly despised." Christians -- wake up!! God's chosen are YOU and any minister who denies this does not know the Bible and the many Scriptures that say so. Get out of those churches and turn off the TV.

Furthermore, with all this being realized we need to accept the truth that all of our misery at the hand of the evil money lenders is ultimately our fault. The Edomite "Jews" are doing what comes naturally to them -- plundering nations with the horrid credit money system of Mystery Babylon as seen in the Book of Revelation. It is equivalent to what foxes do to hen houses by nature. If we Saxon Christians would honor our Israel heritage, turn from our sins (stop breaking God's laws), and repent of our evil participation in Cainite-Edomites' many corrupt programs such as Hollywood, debt driven credit cards, porn enterprises, promoting of sodomy, war making, lying media news,etc., then the entire wicked financial system of the usury world banksters would crumble, dry up, and leave America.

And that my friends is why I personally hate "Jews" and the fake "Israel"

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