Comment: I'm the wife...leaning over

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I'm the wife...leaning over

I'm the wife...leaning over the waist-high border fence...

I'm mostly posting just to bump this...but I wanted to say that the experiences we had at the border left us with a complete understanding of just how porous the border is. Make no mistake -- the border is wide open. It always has been this way, which makes a few things abundantly clear: 1) the gov't was lying every time it said the borders were secure before this current mess , 2) the TSA groping people in airports to prevent terror is laughable with this border so terrorist-friendly, and 3) there will be another terrorist attack (or a false flag, blamed on terrorism) with a border this unsecured.

Unfortunately, this administration and media will characterize anyone doing minuteman duty on the border as heavily armed, militia-type terrorists. But, I hear Jim Gilchrist wants to start up The Minutman Project again. The hubby and I live on the northern border now, in MI, so we aren't near enough to volunteer anymore, but anyone else who's near & interested should check into it.

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