Comment: Is Fracking Causing the Recent Earthquakes in Oklahoma?

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Is Fracking Causing the Recent Earthquakes in Oklahoma?

"The seismic activity is curious to geologists because “Oklahoma is geologically part of the United States’ stable continental interior. As such, this region is not an area where we would expect regular seismic activity.”"
I talk to friends about this issue, and all they can say is, "Yeah, but we need the jobs." It's almost too frustrating to handle...

the disregard for the future, the lack of ability to objectively weigh pros and cons and set rational priorities, and the lack of respect for the earth.
"It appears to geologists that injection wells concentrate so much chemical laced water into the earth’s crust that there is an obvious increase in subterranean pressure near these underground faults which is causing the recent rise in earthquakes..."

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