Comment: belief vs actual logic and information

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belief vs actual logic and information

I just love it when believers all argue about what they believe, and then point to "the book" to justify their belief.

Nature can not be fooled. And she always has the last word. First of all the statement that anarchy never existed kind of depends on what is meant by anarchy. If you mean a tribe or clan or something similar of many people and those clans organized into groups and there was no hierarchial structure who lived at the expense of the regular folk. Well then you are either incredibly ignorant or stupid. Many such exist now. The native americans, at least north of Mexico were nothing but various anarchist bands.

This is, in fact, the default means of tribal organization. A ruling elite can not exist until you have large scale agriculture. One of you pontificationg wizards can waste a lot of hours attempting to find an exception.

So, tribes without a ruling elite whose only "job" is to govern have existed since humans existed. Such groups still exist. They do not exist once you have large scale agriculture and ownership of land and the need to have large scale organization of water delivery grain storage etc, because if such a thing were possible, then it would have happened. Again, nature can not be fooled.