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Comment: OMG, did you just shoot up?

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OMG, did you just shoot up?

"I'm done now."

What happened to you? You were doing great leading a worthy revolt. Your wind, phwwt, just died! What are the rest of us to do? We must stick together! Power in numbers!

"Carry on, all is fine how it is."

Don't do it straight up! Mix it with cocaine! You appear to be the drooly type. C'mon, what do you need to get back on board, ice cube enemas?

"Your explanation is sufficient and I should just play more defensively."

His explanation was not sufficient! "C is defensive" -DUH! THAT'S WHY IT SUCKS! That's like saying toilet paper is for wiping your butt. Here you come back with, "Oh, I didn't know. Hmm, perhaps I should wipe more often."

C'mon girl, go, go! Wake up! This is your time to shine [not wipe]!

Defense is political. Jam session and anadrome are our only true escapes. Have you ever sat through an eleven inning "no hitter" baseball game? Imagine clicking over to jam session and the entire page was nothing but Poison and Iron Maiden?