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UPDATE 1: Pardon, had no idea this happened much earlier (yesterday, now), coinciding with the earlier news of govt terrorists' "targeted [economic] sanctions," aka technically an Act of War:

Breaking: Izhmash & Kalashnikov Concern Now Sanctioned by US Government

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Released earlier today as part of a new line of “targeted” sanctions, the US Department of Commerce has banned all financial transactions with Izhmash & Kalashnikov Concern. While not a outright ban on imports, prohibiting companies from dealing with the manufacturer or its interests monetarily will kill the supply.

To put it plainly, there will be no more imports of popular Saiga rifles, shotguns, and other sporting arms for the foreseeable future.

** Kalashnikov Concern is gonna take a big hit, in the very profitable US & Canadian market (not sure if Canada, like some vassal like a NATO member...too would follow suit): they reportedly sell 200,000 AK patterned rifles & shotgun, ANNUALLY, to US & Canada!

Kalashnikov in America: a great shot

19 January, 2014 | 20:02

PHOTO: © Lorentzen/cc-by

Russia’s iconic Kalashnikov rifle has made a nice shot in the US. At the 36th SHOT Show-2014 exhibition in Las Vegas, the Russian Weapon Company (RWC) has signed a deal to deliver some 200,000 guns to the US and Canada annually. Russia’s Kalashnikov Group unites the largest Russian weapons-makers Izhmash and Izhevsk.

Under the exclusive five-year agreement, the RWC Group, which is Kalashnikov’s exclusive US importer since 2012, will be selling hunting guns, sporting rifles and shotguns under the Izhmash and Baikal brands including Saiga, Los, Bars, Sobol and Rekord semi-automatic shotguns.

The deal boosts cooperation between the producers as well as the range of the imported weapons, which are quite demanded in the US, says military expert Alexander Goltz.

The Kalashnikov Concern boosts up production numbers!
The "Kalashnikov Concern" – a member of the Russian GK "Rostec" holding – published its production numbers statement for the first quarter of 2014: production has doubled over the same period of 2013!

One of Russia's oldest gunmaking industries – founded in 1807 by the Tsar Alexander I as the “Kamsko-Izhevsky-Alexandrovsky Weapons Factory” – has been through some dire straits in the past years: the IZHMASH machinebuilding plant, headquartered in the city of Izhevsk on the shores of Lake Baikal and the biggest name in Soviet and post-Soviet Russia's armaments industry, was issued with a bankruptcy order by a court of the Udmurtia Region. The relaunch of the company operation was carried on by the State-controlled ROSTEC holding, which proceeded to partially privatize the company by selling 49% of its stocks to two well-known Russian businessmen: Andrej Bokarev and Alexej Krivoruchko. IZHMASH was also joined by other gun manufacturing companies of the region – the most important of which are the "BAIKAL" mechanical factory and the MOLOT plant – under the “Kalashnikov Concern” group: Mikhail Timofe'evič Kalashnikov, probably the most famous arms inventor of the 20th Century, allowed the Russian Government to use his name for the relaunch initiative just a few months before his death (December 23, 2013). Under the auspices of the Russian vice-Prime Minister, Dmitri Rogozin, the company leadership were also changed, with one of the new private stakeholders, Alexej Krivoruchko, being appointed as the new General Manager of the "Kalashnikov Concern".

The appointment of a new General Manager was originally received coldly, being Krivoruchko the fifth person to cover that position since 2011; the Stavropol-born, 38-years-old lawyer is however already well known in Russia for teking part in some of the Country's most recent and noted arbitrations, and his associate, Andrej Bokarev, has made it to the 74th place of Russia's most important businessmen according to Forbes, with a personal fortune worth overl 1.35 billion US Dollars. Both Krivoruchko and Bokarev have strong personal interests in the relaunch of the company, and quickly gained the workers' trust by departing from the style of the previous managing figures – whose activities had mostly centered around pompous speeches bolstering the "unmatched quality" of IZHMASH firearms, refering to the Kalashnikov-type rifles which are undoubdedly good guns although now long in the tooth and no longer fitting the needs of modern warfighters. Instead, the new managers started a sober but serious reflexion and analysis of the factors that caused and deteriorated the IZHMASH societary crisis for years. It may be too soon do declare that "bad times are over", but the latest news from the company are enough for a good wind of optimism to start blowing.

At the 2014 SHOT Show – held last January at the Sands Expo & Convention Center in Las Vegas (NV, USA) – the Group signed an exclusive agreement with an US-based distributor, RWC Group LLC., that may allow the "Kalashnikov Concern" to export up to 200.000 civilian-grade guns of all kinds in the United States and Canada every year for the next few years.

Even more important is the recently published report about the company's production figures for the first quarter of 2014: said timespan saw the "Kalashnikov Concern" manufacture 31000 firearms for both civilian and military sales; that's double the production numbers of the first quarter of 2013, and amounts alone to 41% of IZHMASH's entire manufacturing figures for the whole of last year.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul