Comment: What you describe is a utopia

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What you describe is a utopia

What you describe is a utopia of order. But that's all it is. A utopia. Humans are fundamentally creatures of chaos. The civilization we cloth ourselves with is THIN, very thin. Most people don't realize how thin, since they only look at the outside surface and not at what is underneath. Civilization is but an illusion to mask how primitive we really are.

I personally believe more in a philosophy of balance than in extreme order. Whenever I meet someone that believes and operates in extremes, it's mostly because these people are suffering from a psychological distortion. It's because they often don't realize that in following an extreme you ALWAYS have to sacrifice something in return. And that weakens the human race. Now it's not wrong to believe and operate in extremes, but it must come with the realization that its opposite is also necessary. The problem is, people that realize that the opposite force is also necessary don't tend to be extreme themselves.