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"I laugh at the proponents of open, unrestricted borders."

what does that mean? you are going to laugh at someone who suggests that humans, like all things in nature, are free to travel this world, unrestricted?

"The tactic employed is always disingenuous fearmongering." seriously, wtf are you talking about? the people who want open borders use fear mongering?

are you serious? ... the people who suggest that we close borders are the fear-mongerers.. people who say to open the borders don't use fear as the reason that we should open the borders... but the people who suggest we close them use fear all day long as their justification for it. they say... close them "or else" ... nobody says open them "or else"...

close them or else we'll all lose our jobs.
close them or else we'll lose our money
close them or else..

also, are the borders closed or open right now?
how can people scare you into opening something that is already opened or closing something that is already closed.

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