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Comment: I think you have a great imagination

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I think you have a great imagination

I'm referring to what you "imagined" would relieve the stated consternation surrounding "v" and "c." But, really, I think you have a great imagination, in general. I mean that's what it took to come up with this game to begin with. Is this you as a boy?

Well, thank you for your consideration.* And thanks for giving me an opportunity to (re)post this song I love.

*I'm sure I"m not alone in saying that I hope this doesn't end in a boycott. Or worse. And, incidentally, perhaps there is a compromise solution. Maybe "v" would enjoy being someone's last defense, while "c" would enjoy being part of the rest of the human race. And I only say that partially figuratively. These letters seem to have a life of their own - particularly if you went looking for "c" songs as a possible response to "someone" (Jen) who wished to eliminate them altogether from the English language - not just Anadrome. Mental note to self: come up with a decent "c" song for younger children and start marketing it! The really bad so-called "educational" alphabet songs out there could have long-term deleterious consequences!"

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir