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Shhhh.... You're blowing my cover

I have a plan. But I need him around first for a bit. Don't you trust me? Ok, a few nights ago he gave me step by step directions on making fun graphicy things in my comments and whatnot. Since he clearly won't be budging on the C issue, I'll just wait until he gives me step by step directions on how to make a fun word game similar to anadrome, and then.....well; I'll make the game myself without the C's and with less V's and then we can all go play the C-less version of anadrome and he can come if he wants to also, but only if he admits that I was right the whole way through.

But see, now he knows my plan because you didn't just trust in me as your mutiny leader. Ok, well maybe he will forget about this and eventually he will still leak the 3 step directions to making anadrome.
I don't imagine there is much to it, it's probably child's play.

Moving on. There are 3 things in this world that scare me; moths, heights, and robots. People should be more afraid of robots than zombies if ya ask me. Anyways, I have reason to believe Jon is part robot. He is like an early link in the human evolutionary process towards robotocism. While I"m not necessarily afraid of him like I am Wall-E, I know I'm not working with just your every day variety of word tyrant. So, please take a moment to understand that my leading you and the rest of the crew in this dangerous mission is a little bit trying for me, and although I know many think of me as fearless, I have always been afraid of robots.

Ya know John Robb ...I thought you already knew all this about me.

Oh, and yes; you can decorate your reading balcony however you want. I wouldn't dare tell you what to do with your reading balcony. That is your personal space.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss