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So, Try and understand the


Try and understand the context. Both sides have to do this.

For thousands of years, anti-Semitism has been a real thing. And for thousands of years, the Jewish people have been the weak minority; easily able to be crushed by the majority. So that community is understandably sensitive to any kind of criticism.

But on their can't live in the past. This isn't 1935. It is 2014. The Jewish people have a lot of power. The Israeli state is incredibly powerful. Not only could their military easily wipe out all the neighboring ME countries, but they also have the support of the #1 military in the world, as well as the majority of the Western superpowers! That is the reality, and that cannot be ignored.

Having so much power...well, that comes with responsibility. Just like we want the US military to be incredibly careful when it flexes its muscles, we must ask the same of Israel.

Plan for eliminating the national debt in 10-20 years:


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