Comment: Down below was mentioned 'proof of citizenship for job'... and..

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Down below was mentioned 'proof of citizenship for job'... and..

...that is freedom... how?

Proof of citizenship is shifting the blame and burden, caused by oath-breakers, onto the God given free-market freedom to own and work!

Time to call the spade, a spade!

In the briefest of nutshells:

1) End the counterfeiting which steals wealth from the true owner, and criminally enriches the corporate fascists, politically connected, the crony capitalists! Further it enlarges government unconstitutionally, providing nation destroying incentives for the slime, the lazy, the criminals to come here and vote for their cut of the wealth!

2) Along with ending the corrupt practices of welfare, shrinking government, cleaning out Washington, simply spend the last 50 million both parties secretly want to use for a resort for illegal aliens, instead, putting all the old buses, filled with every illegal, on a one way trip south! Additionally ending all unconstitutional programs will likely form the largest incentive for the more understanding of the illegal's, to return south. Execute the murderers and rapists who, just in the state of Texas, now number over 150,000, have killed 3,000 innocents, and raped over 7,000 girls! Further, I have no doubt any one of constitutional militia, National Guard of a State, or the Marines returning home from all over the world, would have no trouble rectifying the issue of safety and bully cartels who haunt the border... cutting off all trade with Mexico, including the billions we give them, will produce immediate incentive for government change and cleansing south of the border!

3) Immediately go back to the days of over 40 years ago, issue sound coinage of gold and silver, then allow any alien who wants to compete for work, to be registered as such. They can work to their heart's content, keep their money, send it home, or whatever they wish. If they do not want to work anymore, go home, or seek charity privately!

4) It's really simple if you go back to the constitution, enforce it upon those for whom it was written to be sworn to obedience, punish those who are oath-breakers. Like the good doctor says, keep it simple. Return to the constitution and you will find the most direct solution, the simplest, the fairest, the most just!

5) If there is an interim shortage of funds, for the government to survive in it's constitutional duties, including rounding up illegal aliens, there will be found an abundance of ill-gotten gain accumulated by the criminals who have fed at the FED trough for these last 100 years... any old computer can run that algorithm!

Remember, on the one hand, money does not grow on trees... but on the other, neither does it disappear! It is always in someone's pocket, justly or unjustly! The proceeds of the unconstitutional, immoral, criminal counterfeiting body called the FED, fall smack into that category and it is not rocket science to follow the trail of ill-gotten gain left by all who have acquired wealth not given them as the fruit of their labor by God Almighty, and return it to value of the dollar the people are forced to use!