Comment: I wasn't talking about time.

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I wasn't talking about time.

I wasn't talking about time. If you pursue order to the extreme, the natural disposition of mankind will soon (soon being years to several decades) force it to devolve back into chaos. That's because you are going against nature. In your explanation I heard NOTHING about emotions, how humans are naturally pre disposed to exert the least energy possible, that they have a natural predisposition for selfishness and aversion of risk. A philosophy that takes no account of these and thinks that "sacrificing more time" will solve these problems denies the reality of oneself and is doomed to failure. It's similar to how people believe that all we need to do is return back to the constitution and that this will somehow solve all our problems now and in the future. Make no mistake, I think the constitution is probably the most brilliant piece of document ever devised (better than the bible IMO), but it was naive to think that a piece of paper could somehow contain mankind. The constitution FAILED.

You yourself mentioned that less than 1% had the disposition to really follow the law. That small percentage is not a coincedence. Education and the nurture of the correct culture from birth might bring that percentage up, but lawlessness and chaos are things that move in cycles. Because we as humans are constantly in flux. CHANGE itself is engraved within our DNA. Without it, we would go extinct. This is why I think it's naive for people to say that they want to eradicate all hard times or all suffering. If we had actually managed to accomplish such a feat, we would all be dead 100 years later.

Anyways, I do have some solutions. I already gave some hints in my previous reply. INCENTIVE COMPATIBLE systems, that's what we need. A system that takes human nature into account, that doesn't even try to fight it, but makes use of it instead in order to keep the system in balance. A system that lives in harmony with human nature instead of a system that tries to fight it, but setup in such a way that it is self regulating. I didn't want to expand on this idea, because it was the ideas behind bitcoin that finally made me realize that such systems were possible. I don't consider myself a pumper, so I have avoided bringing up the subject.