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Pilamaye yelo

I thank you.

Side note: remember the time Cuda showed us this picture of a working farm and said HOW ABOUT I BUY THIS FOR US?

I responsed immediately with full dedication: make it happen and I'm there, total committment. No hesitation. Cause a man once told me to succeed, prepare to fail often.

I would be there now.

I've also put out the call: give me land and I'll give you back a tribe. It's not much of a risk on my part because I KNOW ENOUGH OF YOU WANT THAT. And I'm a "soft alpha". My leadership style is I tell you what I want and I try to get you what you need to do it your way. I like putting challenges just ahead of people's present capabilities and giving them support and you see FLOWERS BLOOM and then you just keep feeding them more.

Next thing you know you are standing in the middle of an orchard.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.