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Interesting find!

Diverse portfolio:

Creates jobs:

The IPO was fairly recent: (2011 looks like).

My question would be does the diverse portfolio protect it against any future crash (currency crash for instance). I've looked back on some financial stocks and many of them are incredibly high right now compared to where they fell to in 2008.

If you look at something like GORO, it grew during the crisis, and is at a low point now, so I'm buying it now. I'm holding off on things like BCH ( - check 10 year ) until another "crash."

Though NMFC might be something altogether different. It's new, so it could grow to a point where even a dip wouldn't bring it back down to where it is now.

I give myself about $200 a month to invest right now. So while I am looking at long term (in which case the long term well-being of a stock can trump whether it is "the best time to buy" the stock), I am able to only buy so much at a time, so I can nit-pick and buy only those stocks that are long-term and at the right time.

I may try to catch it at $14 sometime next month. Any other assessments?

Jack Wagner