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"Hailey White
Hmmm, did we read the same Weston Price book? I'm guessing you are referring to Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. I just read it and I cannot agree with what your angle is. Of all the people he studied, the eskimos had the most nutrition (remember he meticulously took back regular samples of their foods to analyze for nutritional breakdown in the lab) and had the least amount of caries, degenerative disease and most vigorous health of all of them. If I remember correctly (don't have the book in hand to look up the actual wording) Price wrote that none of the populations studied (remember they were chosen as the healthiest peoples on the earth) had a purely vegetarian diet. I am in no way some pro meat nut, in fact, I used to be vegan and pescetarian and personally had serious energy issues, with lethargy and dizziness. Now that I make my own broths and seek out the highest good, organic fat foods I can, (along with continuing my veggie juice and salads) I have a much more vigorous store of energy. Whatever works for your body. But wow. Can't get over that it seems like we are talking about 2 different Weston Prices!"

I have to agree. I read the book and do not recall any pure lacto-vegetarians. And lets face it, pesco-vegans are people who get their meat from the sea.